What is Forensic Entomology? Professor Shares Insight on How Insects Assist in Legal Investigations
Published:25 Oct.2019    Source: The Department of Entomology

Insects can help fight crime by providing important scientific insights that can be applied to legal investigations – plus provide interested individuals with a truly unique profession in forensic entomology. While most may view forensic entomology as the creepy-crawly” part of CSI-type television shows, that perspective only scratches the surface of this field.


Forensic entomology is the understanding of how the biology of insects and arthropods that inhabit decomposing remains can be used for the purpose of assisting in a variety of legal investigations. Forensic entomologists often work with medical examiners, coroners, local and state police agencies and federal agencies, using their knowledge and skills to ascertain valuable information to be used in their investigations.